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Fishing Report

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December 13, 2017

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December 13, 2017 Fishing Report

CHWK/VEDDER River- Coho About done now, Steelhead just starting 1 (H) Fish per day.

CHEHALIS RIVER: Some Coho Still, Steelhead just starting to show 1 (H) Fish per day.

HARRISON RIVER: Some Coho Still, & Good for Cutthroat.

FRASER RIVER: Good for Cutthroat, Bull Trout, and Whitefish.

DEWDNEY/NICOMEN SLOUGH: Good for Hatchery Coho 2 over 35cm and 2 under 35cm per day. Best Bets with Spoons & Jigs.

LOCAL LAKES: Jones, Deer, Hicks, Trout, Weaver, Grace, & Wolf - All producing Catches of  Rainbow and Cutthroat.

                           Cultus has Cutthroat and Bull trout.

October 23, 2015

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Fishing Report October 23 / 15:

Fraser river: bar fishing ,casting spoons,flyfishing all still producing well for chinook, chum, and coho. Catch limits are 4 salmon per day which can includeup to 2 (h) coho, 4chinook (1 over 62 cm and 3 under ), 2 chum.Sturgeon fishing is also very good with fish to 10ft-best baits are fresh chum roe, salmon parts, and pike minnows,Note to anglers-first nations will be beach seining intermittently for the next 2 weeks-anglers please avoid these areas when they are fishing to avoid conflict.

Chilliwack/Vedder rivers: Fair fishing for coho and chinook, and good for chum salmon. Best bets for coho and chinook are roe, colorados, and blue phase spinners.Pink and /or purple jigs working great for chum.Catch limits are 4 salmon per day which can include up to 4 (h) coho, 4chinook (1 over 62 cm and 3 under) and 1 chum.

Harrison river and Chehalis river: Fishing is good for chum and (h) coho. Best bets are roe or spinners for the coho as well as flyfishing. Pink and/or purple jigs for the chum., Catch limits are 4 salmon / day which can include up to 4 (h) coho and 2 chum.Note to anglers-First nations will be beach seining for chums near tne Harrison/ Fraser confluence intermittently for the next 2 weeks-anglers please avoid these areas when they are fishing to avoid conflict.

Interior lakes: Lower elevation lakes are still producing good catches of rainbow near Merritt and Kamloops. Flyfishing with leeches, bloodworms,shrimp or damselfly nymphs working best.

Local lakes: slowing down at this time but still good fishing with bait. Worms, single eggs, power bait or small pieces of roe fished on the bottom with a slip weight or fished with a float near the surface.

This report will be updated on the 1 st of each month.

Sept 04, 2015

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Fishing Report

REGION #2 - All Stream + Rivers in Region 2 ARE NOW OPEN!  Except for The Coquihalla River & The Seymour River

For More Info: Google "Prov of BC Fishing. Regulations"


Fraser: Now Open Chinook Salmon (4/day - over 62cm, 3/day- under 62cm.

(00:01 Sept 5, 2015 - 23:59 Thur Dec 31, 2015) open for retention of (2) Pinks Minium size 30cm, Until Further Notice! or Year End!

It is advised to fish selectively to avoid any negitive effects on the Sockeye

Also open Sturgeon, Trout, and Steelhead 

BAIT NOW IN EFFECT ON THE FRASER! From the Mission Bridge to The Alexander Bridge)

Sockeye Salmon NOT open at this time

Sturgeon Fishing – Best baits are Oolichans, Lampreysm Roe Bags, worms, and Pike Minnows

Chilliwack/Vedder: Salmon Open: 2 pinks, 4 Chinook, 4 Hatchery Coho, 1 Chum. Daily Limit 4 Salmon Total

Harrison R: Below #7 Hwy Bridge - 4 Pinks, 2 Chum - Daily Limit 4 Salmon Total

Interior Lakes:  Fishing in Most interior Lakes has slowed due to warm water conditions, Best bets are in lakes with more then 30 feet of water. Larger lakes are producing Rainbows, Lakers, and Kokanee using lead lines, or down riggers, plugs, wedding bands, hildebrandt spoons, or leech type flies are best.


Local Lakes:  Kawkawa Lake Fishing Excellent for Kokanee. Anchor and Still fish at 38-45 ft of water. Use pink dyed krill, Deli Shrimp or Roe. Fish from 30-40cm in length

- Jones Lake producing small Rainbow + Kokanee and few big Cutthroat.