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We carry a selection of high quality Chassis Systems


MDT Chassis Systems...

* If you are looking for accessories to go with your MDT Chassis, our firearms department can find the MDT parts that best suit your shooting needs. Come on in and see us.

TAC21 Chassis System

MDT's original TAC21 Chassis system for bolt action rifles offers a combination of improved accuracy, superior ergonomics and specialized design.

LSS Chassis System

MDT's LSS Chassis was designed for use with short barreled bolt action rifles. It converts your rifle to an external box magazine fed rifle, while improving accuracy, and giving the rifle superior ergonomics.

LS S-XL chassis System

MDT's LSS-XL is a larger version of our LSS chassis system. The fore end has been extended by 3", and is designed to take fixed buttstocks without the need of an adapter.

HS3 Chassis system

MDT's HS3 Chassis system is a light (2.2lb) chassis system for bolt action rifles. Machined from aluminum, hard anodized and finished with black or FDE side panels for color, grip and feel.