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"Beyond Innovation"

IWI Ltd. is one of the world's leaders, for the past 80 years, in the production and marketing of unrivalled combat proven small arms.  The company’s firearms are developed in close collaboration with the Israel Defense Forces (IDF). IWI and IDF have established joint Research & Development (R&D) teams to develop cuttuing edge and quality firearms, that are trusted by law enforcement and armed forces around the world.


The infantry service firearm selected by the IDF. The Tavor was developed in cooperation with the IDF. They needed a firearm that was suited to open battle fields as well as the tight spaces of urban combat.

It has  High reliability and accuracy under extreme conditions. Increased hit probability during exertion. Compact rifle with a long barrel. Ambidextrous. Advanced and accurate sighting system attached directly to the barrel. Human engineering that increases the user's comfort and confidence level.

It has a full length top rail, detachable flip up iron sights, sling attachment point.

 Barrel Length
Black OR Tan
Starting at $2,695.00