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"PSE An Industry Leader"

The PSE story begins in 1970, when Pete Shepley (then a product engineer for Magnavox Corporation) decided to take his love of archery from a hobby to a full time profession. While this caused him to be the target of some good-natured mockery from his peers at Magnavox, Pete knew that he could advance the archery technology of the time into something new, something different, something better.  . As Pete Shepley himself once said, “Research and development are the most expensive stages in manufacturing, but we’re committed to it and to making the whole industry grow, not just our slice of the pie.”


PSE's Razorback is a great bow to introduce someone to the sport of traditional archery, or archery in general. It is quality bow at an affordable price. It's take-down designs make for easy storage and transport. 

• Riser: Made of Walnut wood, BurmaWhite Wood, and Beech Wood
• Limbs: Made of Maple wood and fiberglass
• Stabilizer and sight bushings
• Recommended height:Up to 5'7" (170.2 CM)
• Brace height: 7"
• Weights @ 28" draw

Price:  $169.00


Wolverine Long Bow

The Wolverine Long Bow is a finely crafted bow, that gives the archer the look and feel of days past. The carved handle makes it the the perfect long bow fit for smaller hands. 

• Made from Rosewood and Walnut with Maple limbs
• Right hand only
• Brace height: 7"
• Weights @ 28" draw

Handedness: Right

Draw Weight: 25#, 30#, 35#

Length: 60"

Price: $229.00



The Optima is part of PSE's Traditional Competitive line up. It is an ideal bow for the competitive traditionalist. 

• Interchangeable Components
• Precision-machined aluminum riser
• Two riser models: short or long
• Three length configurations: 56″, 62″, 66″
• Choose from red or blue hammertone powder-coated finishes

Handedness: Left, Right

Brace Height: 7 – 7 1/2

Draw Weight: 15#, 20#, 25#, 30#, 35#

Length: 56", 62", 66"

Color: Blue, Red

Price: $269.00

Youth Bows


This is the perfect first bow for your little archer, at an economical price! It features a 60″ one-piece composite design with an ambidextrous riser which works for right or left hand shooters, It's almost  indestructible! 

Draw weight: 22 lb. only
Brace height: 8-3/4″

Price: $69.99


Razorback Jr. 

This bow is perfect for your little archer. Ideal for recreational shooting, or competitions. It has a take-down design, making for easier storage and transportation.

• Riser: Made of Walut wood, BurmaWhite Wood, and Beech Wood
• Limbs: Made of Maple wood and fiberglass
• Stabilizer and sight bushings
• Recommended height:Up to 5'0" (152.4 CM)
• Brace height: 6-1/2"
• Weights @ 28" draw

Price: $169.99