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Federal Top Gun Target

For the volume shooter like you who needs consistent performance at a reasonable price, there’s our Top Gun target load. Long a staple of the target shooting community, you’re sure to break clay after clay with its superior performance and reliability.

Federal Black Cloud FS Steel

Never before has a steel product been so lethal. Its famous FLITESTOPPER® pellets and the revolutionary FLITECONTROL® wad team up for more hits on target. If you're a die-hard duck hunter, you know about Black Cloud® and the devastating performance it's had on ducks and geese. Black Cloud provides more devastating wound channels and fewer lost birds.

Federal Power Shok Rifled Slug

If you're watching your budget, find good quality smoothbore and rifled barrel offerings in this time-tested and proven line of slug ammunition.

Federal Power Shok Buck

Bring home the venison with these reliable loads. You get great performance at an unbeatable price. Get tight downrange patterns and better stopping power.

Winchester Super-Target

If you go through a lot of rounds over the course of a season and are looking to save money without sacrificing performance, Super-Target is just what you've been waiting for. Formulated for consistent clay-busting performance.

Winchester PDX1 Defender 

Potent shells with distinctive black-oxide high-brass heads and devastating performance. 12-gauge shells loaded with 1-oz. rifled slugs that break into three equal segments upon impact.

Kent Faststeel

Kent’s Fasteel® Precision Steel™ shotshells have proven themselves year after year as the choice for duck and goose hunters across the US, Canada and beyond. Fasteel®delivers superior quality and performance at a great value, making it an easy choice for your next hunt