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Precision For The Decisive Moment

Take advantage of all hunting possibilities with the high-performance riflescopes from Carl Zeiss. The highest performance optics and the most innovative ballistic concepts turn the hunt into a personal experience of achievement: sharpness and contrast bring the game closer into view than you ever thought possible. Large fields of view give you a constant overview of the hunting situation.

Victory DiaScope
Do you want to see nature and wildlife as close up as possible? The Victory DiaScope will bring you a degree of perfection in your observation of nature that you have never experienced before. Whether you want to improve your aim when out hunting or simply enjoy watching the wildlife, you can experience fascinating long-range visibility with the outstanding field of view and see more detail than ever before thanks to the 75x magnification. At the same time, this spotting scope offers perfect ergonomic design: the innovative, quick and precise focus setting with a single focusing wheel means that you can focus quickly at any distance in rapid mode, and then tune the focus in fine mode for ultimate detail  – so that nothing will escape you, no matter how far away it is.
Magnification x
Objective Lens
 Field of View
Lens Type
Water Resistance
39 oz
13.1 ft
156 - 63
(4 Lenses)
400 mbar